Esteban "Steven" Escobar, Publicist of Local Celebrity LA, Executive Editor of Diversity News & Writer for gives THANK YOU to his friends, partners and supporters of Local Celebrity Los Angeles held on 2-28-2010.

He Thanks the judges, the guest artist, guest judge Alfred Wolf from 19 Entertainment (former American Idol), the show contestants and his friends Exclusive by EZ "Eric Zuley" of WTV Networks. Special Thanks to: Eric Zuley, Ameona Almund (Ms. Beverly Hills 2006), Derek Pratt, Joel W. Gonzales, Abby Model, Devon Guzzie and Ryan Torres. Thank you for your help and support from the bottom of my heart "Steven." Yes we miss Ms. Pamela Hasselhoff, Ron Whitaker, Sophie Turner, Martin Klebba, Miss California and much more. ( Hope next time). This online video blog to be continue. Good Night is now 3-1-2010.